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8/23/2013 4:19 pm  #11

Re: Suggestions For Game Sites With Newer Games

I posted this in Sales, etc.  because we got into a developers discussion there.  I'm copying it over here because I think this is really where it belongs.

This is the beginning of the list....I'll add as I progress through my lists.

I'm updating with only developers, portals that sell their own games.  Developers from Barregar's list that are not listed here sell their games on their site with links back to Bigfish.  Some do not have websites that I can find or only sell through game portals. 

Alawar - sells games from several developers
Ana Wiki Games - sells using Digital River, Match 3, solitaire
Artiflex Mundi - sells own games using eseller
Awem (++) - sells it's games and has coins you earn to purchase more games
Fenomen - sells own games using mycommerce, also portal for other games linking to Bigfish - game portal that sells apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Win8
Gamehouse  (++) - portal to sell games from many developers
Gogii games - sells own games
Grey Alien Games - mostly Match 3 using BMT Micro
Meridan 93 - links to Robin Games which uses Digital River for purchases
Mumbo Jumbo - sells it's own games and game portal for others, gamesaver membership $6.95
Orchid Games - sells it's own games, Spirit Walkers, Royal Trouble, Solitaire
Playrix  (++) - sells games from several developers, Royal Envoy, Fishdom, Farmscapes, etc. (100% self funded according to About page)
Puzzle Lab - sells own games using Plimus
Reflexive Entertainment - links to Amazon
Realore Studios - sells own games and game portal for others
Rumbic Studio - sells own games using mycommerce
Shockwave (++) - sells games from many developers
Sugargames - sells own games using mycommerce, Matchmaker, Rainbow Web, etc.

Humble Bundle (++) -- not a game developer, but sells games often by independent game developers

That's all for right now.   Maybe others can add more.

This is an evolving thread as I have time to check and update it.

++sites that I have purchased from and recommend
---sites that I do not recommend
If no notation, I do not have personal experience with this site.

8/23/2013 4:40 pm  #12

Re: Suggestions For Game Sites With Newer Games

mcurty - what you have done is wonderful!!!  It is so informative, with the links as well, which makes it so convenient for us if we want to check it out.  Great Job !!!!
 Thank You so much.

8/24/2013 7:15 am  #13

Re: Suggestions For Game Sites With Newer Games

Great list, mcurty! Realore is now beta testing Northern Tale 2. If you register on the site (free) you can download it and play the first 10 levels. I really enjoyed it and have not gotten any spam since registering.


8/24/2013 9:12 am  #14

Re: Suggestions For Game Sites With Newer Games

Nice to see you, pidgie.

Thank you mcurty, really great and most helpful


8/24/2013 9:56 am  #15

Re: Suggestions For Game Sites With Newer Games

Mcurty this is wonderful! :D


12/28/2015 8:41 am  #16

Re: Suggestions For Game Sites With Newer Games

I have a GameHouse Funpass membership.  I joined last year for a special of $69/yr.  They give you a monthly credit to use on any standard version game.  They have a punch card, if you're a member it starts with 2 punches already, so you only have to get 4 more for a free game.  I'm thinking the monthly credit gives you a punch on your card, when you're card is full you can use it for any game, even a CE or super pack with multiple games.  So with the 12 monthly game credits you can fill 3 more cards and get 3 "special" games.  My year expired in October, I cancelled but they still keep putting credits in my account, gotta love that, lol.  They sent me another $69/yr offer a few weeks ago so I rejoined again. 
They're starting to get older BFG exclusives there, some of them the CE versions.  Curse of the Ancients, Grim Facade, Fierce Tales, Royal Detective.  It would be a great place if you're fairly new to these games.  They also have a lot of M3 and TM games. 
I travel 6 months a year for work so I can't download a lot on the road.  GH games come in a condensed version so it doesn't use as many GBs to download.  I download a lot of games right before I leave and then I only need an internet connection for a few seconds when I start the game, to activate it.
Overall, GH is a great value for your money, if you join for the year you'll be able to own15 games.  But if you've been a BFG member for years and bought lots of games during that time and love the CEs it's probably not the place for you.  But if you're a newer player, especially if you like different types of games, I whole-heartedly recommend it.

Wishing for a Christmas miracle for our dear Barre

12/29/2015 8:10 pm  #17

Re: Suggestions For Game Sites With Newer Games

I am what is called a Legacy Member at Gamehouse.   I pay $6.99 per month and get two game credits.  Not sure if this is available to everyone though.  I think I got this because I have been a member since before Real Arcade was taken over by them.  You do get the two automatic punches on your card if you are a member, and CE's get you 2 or 3 punches on your card.  They are getting a lot of the newer games before Big Fish does.  I have hundred's of games from both Big Fish and Gamehouse, but I can always seem to find something new to play at Gamehouse.

Another good site to check, which I haven't yet seem mentioned is Steam.  They are always running specials and there is a huge end of the year sale going n right now.


3/08/2016 2:14 pm  #18

Re: Suggestions For Game Sites With Newer Games

Well, it is not a gaming site, but you can play any android (phone) game on your computer by the emulator called: Bluestacks.

You need to download the application, then you can cruise the menu for free apps (not just gaming, but mostly gaming) I'm playing a good 8 FTP games through this emulator on my big screen

If you haven't heard about this and you would like to learn more or download the app, here is the link:

Also, I looooovvveeee grid puzzles, they sometimes call them Japanese Crossword, or BFG has them under  World Mosaic. I discovered a whole website designated to these kind of puzzles (some of them are huge, takes days to complete them)... there are literally hundreds of thousands of puzzle there. You can play any of them free, or you can "donate" a few bucks and become a member which allows you to create and post your own puzzles.

Here is the link for that website:

Although, I hate FB, I recently started a game there, and I got hooked very fast. I cannot give you a link to that game, because it exists only on Facebook, and you can play it in your own page, only, but the name is: Cross-Stich World. Talk about a mindless, relaxing game! It is a "paint by number" thing, you get a picture, and you need to shade the cells. The cells are marked with a letter or number. You just simply pick up a color given on the side, your field highlights all the cells containing the corresponding letter/number and you just click on the cells to color them with that color. There is no real goal for this "game" but it is ever so relaxing.

I used to be a Fun-Pass member at GH, but I cancelled it after getting Bluestacks - there are so much free to play games on android (some of them are only demos, but most of the FTP games are the full versions) that I didn't need GH anymore (nor BFG). I figured, if I want to own a game, I will buy it when there is a discount coupon for it.

Thanks for reading.

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12/25/2016 3:48 pm  #19

Re: Suggestions For Game Sites With Newer Games

Not sure if anyone purchased games from the Legacy Games site, but just in case, will post this notice regarding the upcoming changes to their site....


Come this January 2017, we are shutting down the current website. This is NOT a goodbye! Legacy Games will still be developing and publishing great new games, but we will no longer be offering PC and Mac digital downloads for sale. Please plan on using your loyalty card credits and downloading your previously purchased games. Customer Service will be available to help you with this, even in the new year.
What will be GOING AWAY:
•PC and Mac games
•User accounts
•Loyalty program
•Free game trials
What will be STAYING:
•, albeit in a simpler format
•Customer service will be available to help you during this transition
•Disc compilations will still be available in physical Walmart stores (NOT online!)
•New games for mobile and new technology platforms



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