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9/09/2014 8:56 am  #41

Re: True or False

I have a flower vine going around my upper arm (all the way around).  I got it when I was 19 (I'm now 37)....hurt like hell but it's still pretty.

Hey, you have to answer the last question posted.  (The question or statement was, TPBM has their ears pierced)

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9/09/2014 9:46 am  #42

Re: True or False

True, but just don't wear my earrings anymore!

TPBM  has a desire to see the ocean & waves

Sounds cool Jez...I have a little butterfly above left hip

9/09/2014 12:29 pm  #43

Re: True or False

True   always

Jez your tattoo sounds pretty  xxx

tpbm  loves shopping      

9/11/2014 10:16 am  #44

Re: True or False


TPBM is getting a haircut soon

9/11/2014 10:29 am  #45

Re: True or False

False; I did that little chore last week.

TPBM is getting their nails done tomorrow.

Men tend to fall into two categories - those who are dying every time they sneeze and those who are in total denial - not sure which is worse!


9/11/2014 10:52 am  #46

Re: True or False

False - I am a natural kind of girl

TPBM is doing laundry today

9/11/2014 12:22 pm  #47

Re: True or False

To lionfish and peppiespet: Thanks re: my tattoo.  It's funny, I actually sometimes forget that I have it, believe it or not. I've had it for so long so I forget at times that it's there.  So I'll sometimes see people looking at my arm in the warmer months, when I wear clothing exposing my arms; some compliment me on it while others just look.

lion, I know someone who has a butterfly tattoo in the same spot that you do! What a coincidence.

Tejasgal: TPBM means The person below me.

I will answer that question.  True, I'm doing laundry today.
TPBM likes pepperoni pizza.

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9/11/2014 1:20 pm  #48

Re: True or False

False sorrey  Jez never liked pizza  x

tpbm is planning a celebration soon      

9/11/2014 1:59 pm  #49

Re: True or False

Wish is were true Pep...just don't know!

TPBM will have visitors this weekend!

9/11/2014 2:22 pm  #50

Re: True or False

False    if they turn up wont let them in  !

tpbm is feeling good      

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