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8/29/2013 2:53 am  #11

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

*waves to barre*

If you go to and register (I've done it; no spam or anything), you can play the 'pre-release trial' of Northern Tale 2. I enjoyed it!


8/29/2013 9:57 am  #12

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

Hi pidgie, good morning to you

I wanted to try Northern Tale 2 but hesitated because it said that I had to join.  Maybe I'll do that since they sometimes have very good sales on their games, and since you say there is no spam.  Thanks for the tip.
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10/19/2013 3:53 pm  #13

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

I got that beta too. It was ok for a straight HOG. Not for me either.

10/29/2013 7:42 pm  #14

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

I am assuming most of you have registered with Artifex Mundi for the betas, if not the latest one is to be found at:

Grim legends: The Abyss

3/27/2014 10:33 am  #15

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

Lost Fables: Enchanted Books BETA

I just finished trying the beta and I thought it was a very good game.  There are 7 enchanted books and you travel into the books to find your lost brother.  The beta only allowed me to play one book and when I got to the second book, it ended.  It has nice graphics and I like the story so far.  You all should give it a try.

I forgot to mention that you have coins to collect in the scenes and you can buy items to decorate your office (not sure if it's an office, just guessing).  The coins are in all scenes, as well as the HO scenes.  I wonder if this will be a CE game but it doesn't say so in the beta.

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9/17/2015 1:21 pm  #16

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

Haunted Hotel:  (Beta review)

You  receive a pkg. and  video from  your sister Samantha who is investigating a haunted hotel in Lexington, where the manager was brutally murdered (looks like the killer may have benn a jilted lover). She disappears... you go to find her and the adventure begins.
Graphics well done
 Music and sound affects lightly in background
 HOG scenes: Some find Silhouetted objects, some just word list , with some interaction and find pairs are the ones I encountered. 
The puzzles were fairly easy. 
 There are 20 puzzle pieces to find and 21 Morphing objects . There are also Achievments.
There was no map (at least in the part I played), but the hint is good for taking you to the next scene if you get stuck.
 There is the usual to and fro.
 Fairly spooky, depending on your fright level. LOL
 I always play betas in casual mode, but their are 4 modes ..the 4th being Custom.
I didn't encounter any technical issues.
 And guess what? No little helper..LOL
I'm not the best reviewer, but hope this gives you some idea of the game. I'm looking forward to it..have all the others in this series.
This is the beta link if anyone wants to try it.. just don't do the survey..

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10/05/2015 11:27 pm  #17

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

Royal Detective 3: The Legend of the Golem
(Beta Test) 

A Dwarf Miner comes to you for help to save a town that is being destroyed by giant Golems. 
You need to find out who the creator of these Golems is and stop him.

The first 2 Golems #1 and #2 were awkward and clumsy and the people defeated them. # 3 was more powerful and faster and the people couldn't defeat them. You manage to destroy that one and another more streamlined Golem comes along. (end of Beta)

You have a little Golem as a helper that can get things you can't reach or into places to small for you. There was also a tiny stone miner with a pick axe .

Graphics are good
Music and sound effects ..good
Voice-overs well done 

HOGs.. I encountered in Beta were Silhouette, Interactive and the usual find list.
The Puzzles I encountered weren't to difficult..Just need some patience..LOL
There is a Jump map and also the hint button will take you to the next place 
There are 4 modes of play. Casual, Detective, Super Mode and Custom.
(I always play the Betas in Casual mode)

There are 14 Morphing Objects
14 Statuettes to Collect 
20 (?) Achievements

This is the link to the Beta if you want to try it.. Just don't do the  Survey.

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10/19/2015 3:00 pm  #18

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

Well, I haven't been in here before so reading back made me feel a bit sad for obvious reasons.  However, found lots of good info!  Gonna see what I can find!  

I really wish BFG would offer more SE games.  

Marie, the legend of the Golem sounds like it might be pretty good.  

I don't believe I have ever played Greed; The Mad Scientist, which Barre posted about a long time ago.  That is a game I might look for to use a code for.
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