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8/16/2013 10:54 am  #1

Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

I thought I would start a thread for beta games we have tried.  We can put your comments here and those who do not wish to read them don't have to, which is why I put the Spoiler words in the topic.

Here are 2 games that I tried recently.

Greed: The Mad Scientist  (Elefun games)
I think it will be a CE because there were collectibles, /50 of radioactive items and /20 of Award items.  It's about a scientist that got killed, you are the detective on the case. It is set in a laboratory and surroundings, there is a map but it looks like a blueprint of the place, they don't even show where you are located on the map.  The hint looks like the head of the detective (something like the Angelica Weaver game) takes over 1 min to recharge and I didn't like that. Graphics are crisp and clear, I played till demo timed out. will most probably buy it.

Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol  (Elephant Games)
This didn't look like a CE because there were no collectibles/achievements/strategy guide, unless they don't put them in their betas.  Music is similar to their last Christmas game, Nutcracker, but it is lovely to listen to it again. The graphics are very nice and christmassy, set in Victorian England.   Story is of course about Scrooge.  You have a helper  (tiny Scrooge). I have to say I was not overly impressed.  I might just get the SE, will have to wait and see.

8/18/2013 7:26 pm  #2

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

Hello Barre, great idea for a thread!   Even better if you are willing to share the links with those cheeky ones of us who might ask, I promise I won't take the surveys, especially as they nowadays have unique codes in them.  Still, I can't help wondering why they only ever have us beta the demo part, who is doing the beta for the rest of the game?  Any thoughts?

8/18/2013 8:50 pm  #3

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

Hi Mh, I got the beta links from Timebomb's forum place, have you been there yet?  There is a whole bunch of betas there that members can try.  I don't know if I can copy the links and put them here so I better not do it.  Just go over there if you love doing betas and then come here and give us your comments?  I don't do any of the surveys either because we never received the betas from BF direct so it wouldn't be good to do them.  Anyway, what's the point of doing the survey?  I just wanted to try the games.  I think they only want us to beta the demo part because it wouldn't be possible for them to let us try the whole game, the file would be too big.  They just want our initial reaction to the game.  I've tried a few more so I'll add the beta reviews later on.

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8/18/2013 9:05 pm  #4

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

Mh, this one is for you.

Elephant Games
Royal Detective: Queen Of Shadows BETA

Pls do not do the survey

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8/18/2013 9:09 pm  #5

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

Mh, another one for you to try

Blue Tea Games
Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat

Pls do not do the survey.

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8/18/2013 9:12 pm  #6

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

I love Blue Tea. Is it a FROG ?

8/18/2013 9:14 pm  #7

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

OOps, Gov, I just sent you a pm about this, my putting in the it ok with you?
Yes, the Blue Tea is a FROG.  Enjoy
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8/19/2013 10:11 am  #8

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

Hello Barre!
  Thanks for all the tips!  I forgot to say that I never do the surveys unless I received the beta from its official source, also they have now caught up with this and usually issue a unique code to be used for the survey.

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8/19/2013 11:01 am  #9

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

Hi U' just checking around this site & luvin it!

I got a beta from the big flush site the day after the plug got pulled on the 'fish bowl' for a game I would was a 'fantasy type' HOPA..which I often am a pushover compared to the 'dark/eerie' games.


I am still waiting for Botanica 2 ... yes I can get at dev site, but am at this time wanting to not plug up my hard drive even though has lots of memory, and I was given a external hard drive from my puter tech but not hooked up...there is so much to learn, he said he would walk me thru it but not a moment to do with RL at this time.

Sorry to be so wordy...its great to see so many wonderful friends here...Later...Lets 

8/25/2013 1:46 pm  #10

Re: Beta game reviews (possible spoilers)

More beta games for those who are interested in trying them.  Please don't do the survey.

Boomzap Entertainment
Botanica: Earthbound BETA

Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown BETA

BFG/Elephant Games
Mystery Case Files: Fates Carnival BETA

Elephant Games
A Christmas Carol BETA

Christmas Eve: The Miracle of Snow Hill BETA
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