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New games » Suggestions For Game Sites With Newer Games » 12/28/2015 8:41 am

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I have a GameHouse Funpass membership.  I joined last year for a special of $69/yr.  They give you a monthly credit to use on any standard version game.  They have a punch card, if you're a member it starts with 2 punches already, so you only have to get 4 more for a free game.  I'm thinking the monthly credit gives you a punch on your card, when you're card is full you can use it for any game, even a CE or super pack with multiple games.  So with the 12 monthly game credits you can fill 3 more cards and get 3 "special" games.  My year expired in October, I cancelled but they still keep putting credits in my account, gotta love that, lol.  They sent me another $69/yr offer a few weeks ago so I rejoined again. 
They're starting to get older BFG exclusives there, some of them the CE versions.  Curse of the Ancients, Grim Facade, Fierce Tales, Royal Detective.  It would be a great place if you're fairly new to these games.  They also have a lot of M3 and TM games. 
I travel 6 months a year for work so I can't download a lot on the road.  GH games come in a condensed version so it doesn't use as many GBs to download.  I download a lot of games right before I leave and then I only need an internet connection for a few seconds when I start the game, to activate it.
Overall, GH is a great value for your money, if you join for the year you'll be able to own15 games.  But if you've been a BFG member for years and bought lots of games during that time and love the CEs it's probably not the place for you.  But if you're a newer player, especially if you like different types of games, I whole-heartedly recommend it.

New games » What are you playing? » 10/26/2014 9:14 am

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I just finished Campfire Legends: The Last Act.  It's the third in a series.  I thought they were separate games but turns out they're not and now I want to play all three over again.  They're not your typical HO games.  There's no 'hand' for items.  You can't pick anything up until you actually need it.  Then you have to go looking all over the house for what you need.   The items could be in the regular scene or they could be in a zoom in scene, you just never know.  But if you need a spoon for something it's probably in the kitchen somewhere.  I just love games like this.  They seem so much more realistic than carrying an old piece of meat around with you for an hour and eventually finding a dog to give it to.  Gamehouse has a bundle pack of the first two games and the third one is a Premium Edition and is in their discount games right now, so good deals on all of them.  Good games for Halloween.  They have Evil Pumpkin over there, too, that's up next on my list.
I finished True Fear last week and I loved it!

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