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Getting to know you » Happy Birthday Dan July 16 » 7/16/2019 12:13 pm

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Getting to know you » Happy Birthday Lion May 18th » 5/18/2019 1:10 pm

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Lion I wish you a very Happy Birthday

Here are some simple cupcakes in case you don't want to cut the cute kitty cake from Peppies.


Getting to know you » Happy Birthday, Shadow, April 30th » 5/01/2019 4:45 pm

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Thank you Dan for that lovely chocolate cake with the dancing sparklies around it.  I hope you had a piece of it.

**Refills glass**


Cheers to My Dear Step-Son.


Getting to know you » Happy Birthday, Shadow, April 30th » 4/30/2019 12:16 pm

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Thank you for starting this wonderful birthday thread Newto.

Thank you for the colorful butterflies with the birthday wishes.  I have a family dinner I'm going to tonight then on Friday night I'll be going to my brother's house for a Friday night birthday. 

Lion thank you for the lovely birthday wishes with the very pretty bouquet of flowers on it.  I love the blue shark birthday cake with a mouth full of Swedish fishies.  That's is really very cute.

**Recovers from birthday squish hug**  Thank you Peppies for that warm squishy hug and for the tiny birthday cake and the clown.  The full sized birthday cake is very pretty with pink flowers and pink macrons.  Thank you.

Lyria thank you for that very pretty birthday card with the pretty flowers on it.  Thank you also for that very pretty sparkly red frosted cake with the fresh strawberries and raspberries on the top. 

Zada you are very sweet to give me three birthday cards each one being very pretty thank you for the bouquet in the teacup with the butterflies flying around and for the tiny cake and present.

Norma that's a really nice piece of birthday art that you personalized for me.  Thank you for the framing as well that is a nice touch. 

Linda thank you also for the happy birthday wishes and for the cake, the present, for the cocktail and the balloon. 

To all of my friends I raise the
from Linda and say Cheers to all of you and thank you for the wonderful birthday.


Getting to know you » Happy Birthday Slewy, April 4th. » 4/04/2019 10:43 pm

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Happy Birthday Dear Step-Son Slewy


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