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8/06/2015 8:32 pm  #11

Re: About Us

Thank you and thank you.


8/06/2015 8:47 pm  #12

Re: About Us

I think I figured it out.


8/06/2015 8:50 pm  #13

Re: About Us

Wonderful !!! Join in anywhere. Some of us can be quite chatty and there are some beautiful pictures to see as well.
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10/17/2015 8:28 am  #14

Re: About Us

Welcome to Tori, our newest member.  Tori - hope you enjoy your time here.  If you have any questions, just ask.....

Men tend to fall into two categories - those who are dying every time they sneeze and those who are in total denial - not sure which is worse!


3/03/2016 11:17 pm  #15

Re: About Us

Sorry picture disappeared.
What it said was...

Having somewhere to go IS HOME
Having someone to Love Is Family
Having Both Is A Blessing

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3/04/2016 4:54 pm  #16

Re: About Us

So true, Patches!!  We miss you and hope life is treating you a bit easier these days.
Normality is a paved road.  It's comfortable to walk on but no flowers grow on it!


3/05/2016 6:17 pm  #17

Re: About Us

Tangocat called my attention to this forum. So I thought I drop by and say a hello... I wanted to give you a nice picture hello, but I don't have 2 posts yet.

3/05/2016 6:18 pm  #18

Re: About Us

... on which I'm going to help right now...

3/05/2016 6:18 pm  #19

Re: About Us

.... and here is my

3/06/2016 11:23 am  #20

Re: About Us

Welcome, moncsi

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